Well Pump Repair

Convenient access to running water is something many of us take for granted. We don’t realize how essential water is to our everyday activities until we lose that access. And then, we want the problem fixed and fixed quickly. If you have a well, you want a well pump repair service that will respond promptly with effective solutions to your problems.

Mr Well Pump makes you a top priority when your well goes on the fritz. We know it’s an emergency when you have no water. We offer same day service to get your water and your life running in unison again.

How Do I Know If I Need Well Pump Repair Service?

Home Water Pump Repairs

There are several indicators that your well pump may need repair. No running water is the most obvious. When this happens, your first step is to check to make sure the power is on and the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped. It may simply be a case of needing to restore power but, if the pump stops again after power has been restored, it’s time to call for repair service.

Drought Conditions

If it’s not the power, your lack of water could be due to the time of year or to drought conditions. Overuse during spring and summer months can cause the water table to fall below the depth of your well pump. Conserving your water use can replenish your levels in a matter of days. In drought conditions, replenishment can take considerably longer. Then solution may require lowering your pump deeper into your well – a job for a licensed well pump contractor.

Underground Well Pump Components

Other well pump problems can be more difficult to diagnose because most components are underground. Usually the well has to be pulled to properly diagnose and repair the problem. And that’s when you need to call the professionals.

Other Indicators

Signs you may need well pump repair services include:

  • Sputtering or pulsing water – indicates a problem with your pressure tank. Indications of a bad pressure tank include:
    • Pressure in one faucet drops dramatically when another is turned on;
    • Pressure fluctuates when taking a shower or filling a tub;
    • Visible signs of a leak around the tank;
    • Rusty color to the water;
    • Unusually high electric bills due to the pump needing to start frequently.
  • Cloudy or muddy water – indicates the water table is sinking and the pump is pulling from shallow water that contains more sand and silt. Can also mean your pump is failing to filter out the silt. This can cause your pump to wear more quickly as a result of the abrasiveness of sand and silt.
  • Higher than usual utility bills – indicates, in the absence of other obvious reasons, that your pump is running continuously. This can happen when the water level is low, the pressure switch needs to be adjusted or replaced, or the pump is malfunctioning.
  • Odd odor or taste – indicates your water is contaminated with silt, sand, decaying organic matter, or harmless bacteria. This can also indicate you have hardware problems, such as old, corroded pipes.
  • Pressure switch problems – indicates that the contact points on your pump are burned or pitted.

If you have no water or your water pressure is low, it is an issue with your water pump. Is your water cloudy or dirty? Is water surging, spitting out air through your faucet? These are definite indications you should call Mr Well Pump, licensed, bonded, and insured well pump repair professionals, to make sure your water supply is safe.

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We know it’s an emergency when you have no water. We have a 24/7 live operator to take your calls and offer same day service. We will make getting your water back in full flow our top priority so you can get on with your life. At Mr Well Pump, we can meet all your well pump needs – repairs, replacements and installations. We deal with submersible water well pumps, jet water well pumps, and well tanks.

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