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Sump Pumps are for Spring Time

We are lucky to be living in Central New Jersey, nestled between two major cities, with beautiful country side, babbling brooks, and quaint towns. In the past several years, the brooks have grown into roaring rivers with rain water and we have been hit with major flooding and power outages. Basements that were always dry now get inches of water, damaging furnaces, hot water heaters, and possessions.

You can be one step ahead on Mother Nature by installing a sump pump and battery back-up system. Sump pumps are installed in pits in basement and crawl space floors. The pump sends the ground water that has collected in the pit up and out away from the house. Battery back-up pumps are installed in the same pit, and is insurance for when the power goes out or the amount of water is too great for the regular pump to handle. Whenever that pump is activated, an alarm sounds to alert you to keep a close watch on the situation. Another option is a water powered sump pump system if you have city water. As long as there is water pressure, that type of pump will work for an unlimited amount of time unlike a battery powered unit if the power is lost.

If you need fast service, call Michael J. Messick Plumbing Heating and A/C to repair or replace pumps and batteries. Sump pumps should be replaced every 3 to 5 years and battery operated pumps should be maintained monthly.

Also call us for any pump failures, discharge pipe replacement, frozen discharge pipes, new installations, check valves, or any other plumbing related problems. Our team of experienced plumbers will get it done right the first time. Keep our phone number near your flashlight for handy reference.

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